Facebook Real Estate

If you have a real estate office or are an individual real estate agent listing properties on GetRealty and would like to install the GetRealty Facebook Real Estate App onto your Facebook page, see this example, just follow these 7 Simple Steps

1. Login to your own Facebook account.

2. Visit this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

3. Click the image as detailed in Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 1.

4. Fill out and submit the form detailed in Screenshot 2.

Screenshot 2.

5. Click the “Edit Page” button as detailed in Screenshot 3.

Screenshot 3.

6. Click the “Manage Admins” link as detailed in Screenshot 4.

Screenshot 4.

7. Enter the email address billburdin@gmail.com into the text box and then click “Save Changes” as detailed in Screenshot 5..

Screenshot 5.

We will now have the admin rights to your Facebook Business Page and will install the apps for you. You’ll be notified once they are installed.

After completing the steps above, please submt the application form below.